Celebrities React to the School Shooting in Nashville By Blaming Guns

Celebrities React to the Mass Shooting in Nashville: Blaming Guns and Politicians

The tragic mass shooting at a Christian elementary school in Nashville, Tennessee, has left six people dead. The shooter, a 28-year-old woman who identified as a transgender man, opened fire on the campus, killing three young students and three adults before being shot by Nashville police officers just minutes after the shooting began. In response to the shooting, several celebrities took to social media to express their frustration with guns and politicians.

Chelsea Handler Calls Out Politicians for Gun Reform

The debate over gun control is a contentious issue, and while tragedies like the shooting in Nashville are heart-wrenching, blaming guns for the problem is not the solution, as many of these issues can be tied back to issues of ignoring the U.S.’s looming mental health crisis. Comedian Chelsea Handler’s tweets miss the mark by demonizing gun owners and the politicians who support their rights.

Amy Schumer Urges for Gun Safety Bills

Actress and comedian Amy Schumer, the second cousin of New York Democratic Senator Chuck Schumer, expressed her anger and frustration on Instagram, imagining the pain of losing a child in a school shooting. She urged for gun safety bills to be signed, stating that arming teachers is not the solution.

“Imagine your child being murdered in a school shooting and then having to relive it every time another one occurs.”

“Knowing nothing has been done,”

“The Tennessee state legislature is still working on a bill that’d arm teachers. WE TRIED IT YOUR WAY. It didn’t work. Every shooting gun sales go up. This isn’t the way. [everytown] for gun safety can help.”

Josh Brolin Calls for an End to the Violence

Actor Josh Brolin made an emotional plea on Instagram, calling for an end to the random slaughter of children. He criticized those who deny the need for gun reform, calling them unfit to take care of themselves or others. Brolin urged the country to reinstate its “By the people, For the people” system and to protect its children.

“Whether you’re a ‘It’s the people not the guns’ or a ‘It’s the guns, not the people’ to say that our country is actively doing anything in its power to help avert this absolute random slaughter of our children, categorizes you in either total denial or living some fantasy of ambush that should render you unfit to take care of yourself or others,”

Demi Lovato Highlights Lack of Gun Safety Bills

Singer and former Disney star Demi Lovato used her Instagram Story to highlight the number of mass shootings in 2023 and the lack of gun safety bills signed by Tennessee Republican Governor Bill Lee, however, there is no evidence that anti-gun legislation would’ve prevented this shooting. 

Jamie Lee Curtis Calls for Ban on Assault Weapons

Actress Jamie Lee Curtis took to Twitter to call for a ban on assault weapons, emphasizing the need for common sense gun legislation, safe storage, magazine limits, and background checks.

Roseanne Cash Slams Senator Blackburn for Lack of Gun Control

Country singer Roseanne Cash criticized Senator Marsha Blackburn for tweeting her condolences while consistently voting against common sense gun control bills, which have not been shown to be a solution to decreasing murders in the United States.

Mickey Guyton Expresses Outrage as a Mother

Country singer Mickey Guyton expressed her outrage as a mother, calling out politicians for doing nothing as children continue to get “assassinated on an everyday basis,” however, celebrities often are quiet on the issues facing America’s inner-cities such as Chicago, which typically see multiple children killed every weekend – typically from members of gangs or other criminals.

Nathan Followill Blasts Governor Lee and the NRA

Kings of Leon rocker Nathan Followill blasted Governor Bill Lee and the NRA, presuming that only anti-gun legislation and disarming Americans as a whole is the only way to prevent gun violence.

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