BREAKING: Government SHUTDOWN Looms As 21 GOP Reps. REVOLT

21 Republicans Rebel Against Funding Bill, Fueling Government Shutdown Risk Amid McCarthy’s GOP Factional Struggles.

Funding Bill Rejected

  • House Republicans’ interim funding bill was thwarted Friday by Democrats and GOP hardliners.
  • The defeat raises the likelihood of a government shutdown this weekend.
  • The final tally was 198 to 232, with 21 Republicans opposing, including notable figures like Reps. Matt Gaetz (FL), Marjorie Taylor Greene (GA), and Nancy Mace (SC).

Leadership Struggles for McCarthy

  • Speaker Kevin McCarthy faces significant challenges within his party, undermining his leadership position.
  • McCarthy has struggled to unite GOP factions; conservative members have expressed opposition to any Continuing Resolution (CR).
  • The proposed GOP CR included a provision for reduced spending ($130 billion less), incorporated elements from a border security bill, and a stipulation for a bipartisan federal debt study committee.

Shutdown Implications

  • Federal funding concludes on September 30. Without an agreement between the House and Senate, nonessential federal functions risk being suspended.
  • A temporary extension of funding (CR) is crucial to provide lawmakers additional time for devising 12 individual spending bills for FY2024.
  • Conservative faction against CR views it as an extension of Democrat-led congressional control, thereby refusing support.

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