Celebrities are Losing It Over Trump’s Latest Budget Cuts

With new reports surfacing of President Donald Trump proposing to cut national arts funding such as the National Endowment for the Arts, celebrities from all ends of the spectrum have come forward via social media to react. In addition to Jussie Smollett, Julie Andrews, and Chris Evans recently sounding off on Trump, Twitter saw a flurry of star-studded reactions to the budget cuts Thursday.

Some used the #RighttoBearArts hashtag (which has a co-branded T-shirt), and most tweets appeared incredulous at all the various arts and humanities programs that stand to lose funding if Trump’s budget comes to pass.

“After all the wars are fought what remains are people, art, nature and culture,” Jamie Lee Curtis said. “Trump can try but he cannot cut us out of the picture.”

“It seems insane to have to defend the arts but here we are,” Beauty and the Beast star Josh Gad wrote. “The #RighttoBearArts is what makes us great. Without science & arts who are we?”

A collection of reactions, below:

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