VIDEO: Kid Rock Awesomely Celebrates American Manufacturing By Shooting Chinese-Made Goods

Kid Rock is celebrating the release of his line of American Badass Grills by catapulting imported grills into the air, shooting them with a shotgun and saying, “In your face, China.”

Kid Rock’s American Badass Grills are made in the U.S.A.

According to Fox News, Kid Rock released a statement coinciding with the introduction of the grills, saying, “I’m not gonna lie. It is more expensive to make things in America. But it’s important to me. I love America, and I want to do all I can to create manufacturing jobs at home.”

In second video focused on the American Badass Grills, Kid Rock shoots a foreign grill with a .50 caliber rifle. Prior to pulling the trigger he says, “We’ve grills that are made in China, we’ve got 50 cals that are made in American. This is 100 percent pure American Badass.”

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