Charles Barkley Says Voting Democrat Hasn’t Helped Black People

NBA legend Charles Barkley slammed Democrats before their primary debates on Tuesday. As Breitbart reports:

Broadcaster and former NBA star Charles Barkley slammed the Democrat Party in the wake of Tuesday’s debates, saying that the party has done little to elevate most blacks in America.

The former Phoenix Suns star was in the audience during the July 30 Democrat presidential debates, but the former player was not impressed by what he saw telling reporters that “every black person I know has always voted Democratic,” but most are “still poor” despite that support.

Barkley went on to slam the Democrats for ignoring minorities, saying, “It’s an economic thing, and that’s what both parties have been neglecting, especially the Democratic Party,” according to Yahoo News.

“Every black person I know has always voted Democratic, and with the exception of a few guys who can play sports, all those people are still poor,” Barkley continued.

Barkley is completely right, of course. The Democrat party has long exploited black Americans while promoting policies that directly damaging their communities. All while accusing Republicans like Donald Trump, whose policies have consistently helped black people, of racism.

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