Anti-Trump Rapinoe’s Women’s Soccer Team Has Lost $27.5 Million Dollars Since 2009

The US women’s soccer team, which was captained by the virulently Anti-Trump and ultra-liberal Meghan Rapinoe, has lost over $27.5 million dollars since 2009. As The Daily Caller reports:

U.S. Soccer Federation president Carlos Cordeiro hit back hard at the women’s national team over equal pay.

With the World Cup in the news after we won the whole thing, the issue of pay between the men’s and women’s national teams has once again been a hot topic for debate. A lawsuit is currently underway over the pay disparities between the two teams. The issue at the core is simple. The women are more successful, but women’s soccer doesn’t generate the same kind of cash the men do…

According to TMZ Sports, Cordeiro released a statement on Monday saying the following in part:

From 2009 through 2019 — a timeframe that includes two Women’s World Cup championships — the Women’s National Team has earned gross revenue of $101.3 million over 238 games, for an average of $425,446 per game, and the Men’s National Team has earned gross revenue of $185.7 million over 191 games, for an average of $972,147 per game. More specifically, WNT games have generated a net profit (ticket revenues minus event expenses) in only two years (2016 and 2017). Across the entire 11-year period, WNT games generated a net loss of $27.5 million.

The revelation, though not surprising, goes to show just how entitled anti-Trump social justice warriors like Rapinoe actually are. Especially when they demand to be paid the same as people who, unlike themselves, actually make money for their organizations.

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