‘Children Cannot Consent’: CPAC Panel Breaks Down How Trans Ideology Is Infiltrating American Medicine

A Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) moderated by Daily Caller News Foundation reporter Megan Brock on Thursday explained how harmful transgender ideology is to children.

Brock moderated a panel titled “Genesis 1:27,” a biblical scripture that asserts there are two genders. The panel featured Dr. Eithan Haim and American Principles Project President Terry Schilling discussing how transgender ideology can lead to permanent damage for children because of medical interventions they cannot consent to.


“Gender is a way to describe personality, right? Sex is something that’s fixed, that’s biological. And I don’t think there’s anything worse you could tell a child then something is so wrong with them they need to mutilate their bodies, they need to potentially be infertile, potentially have no sexual function, to be accepted … that’s a lie from the pit of hell … We know some of these procedures, these interventions, such as puberty blockers, cross-sex hormones, they’re billed as reversible, but we know that you can’t just simply stop puberty … without profound implications,” Brock said.

“So as a doctor, do you think children can actually give informed consent to these procedures that are potentially going to make them infertile as adults?” Brock asked Haim.

A prominent surgeon stated that the complications from vaginoplastic surgery that aims at removing male genitals and creating a vagina “can be pretty bad,” Brock recently reported.

“It’s [an] important point because you can’t give informed consent to something that does not exist,” Haim responded. “This problem that they’re saying they’re treating is something that’s not based in reality. So whatever risks you’re exposing them to is all risk, no benefit. So absolutely not.”

Transgender ideology proponents say trans hormones are reversible, but often they are not, Haim added.

“I just want to be very clear: Children cannot consent,” Schilling asserted. “If a kid can’t consent to sex, they can’t consent to a sex change.”

Jason Cohen on February 22, 2024

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