Comedian Claims Satanists Better Than Trump Supporters

Liberal comedian D.L. Hughley made a repulsive statement Tuesday on an episode of “The D.L. Hugley Show” in which he claimed Satanists were morally superior to Trump voters. As Breitbart reports:

Comedian and actor D.L. Hughley said President Donald Trump’s supporters are morally inferior to devil worshippers, asserting that “you could worship the devil and be a better human being” than a Trump supporter during Tuesday’s episode of The D.L. Hughley Show.

Hughley, along with his co-host Jasmine Sanders and panelist Jay Phillips, went back and forth, debating Trump’s purported moral vacancy and taking shots at his supporters.

“You can’t be a little pregnant and you can’t be a little Trump supporter,” D.L. Hughley said, before calling the president’s supporters the “most vacant group of people” and insisting that devil worshippers “have a higher standard than he [Trump] does.”

“Devil worshipers. You couldn’t be a pedophile, you can’t speak bad about people, you can’t take things from people– like, you could worship the devil and be a better human being than if you worshiped Donald Trump,” Hughley continued. “Like honestly, I’m not even just– look up the tenets of the church of Satan.”

It’s a repulsive sentiment, but one now commonly shared by liberals who view any conservative who disagrees with them as beneath contempt.

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