Country Star Thomas Rhett Cherishes Veteran Fans

Country music superstar Thomas Rhett spoke recently about the impact that military veteran fans have on him. He stated that they help keep life in perspective as he learns about their personal stories and the battles they face.

According to Fox News:

Thomas Rhett is surrounded by connections to the military that keep life in perspective. With one cousin in the Marines, another who is a former member of the Army and numerous friends who have served, Rhett feels a kinship with those who make valiant sacrifices.

He comes to face-to-face with many of these people, who also call themselves his fans. Every night before a show, Rhett hosts a meet-and-greet where he’s often introduced to spouses of those serving overseas. He always obliges when they ask him to take a video sending a message to their loved ones and even after the night is over, those interactions have a lingering impact on the singer.

“Those moments are extremely sad because you feel so bad for the wife or the husband whose spouse is away, but you know that what they’re doing over there is very, very heroic work and allows us to be able to even do things like play shows,” Rhett shares with Taste of Country. “It’s been pretty impactful getting to meet people who have done it directly and people who are suffering that sacrifice while their spouse is away.”

Rhett is faced with the reality of what life is like for those who fight for our country when he talks to his friends who have experienced it firsthand, some who have served for more than 20 years. When they share their experiences with him, he tries to put himself in their shoes, empathizing with what it would be like to be so far from loved ones, and living in dire conditions while family and friends are celebrating Thanksgiving and Christmas across the world.

The singer stated that he would like to do a USO tour in the next couple of years. Currently, Rhett is involved in working with a charitable organization to send packages to service members and people recovering from natural disasters.

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