Critics Prep Megyn Kelly Smear Campaign

Megyn Kelly is learning that the grass isn’t always greener on the other side. When she left Fox News and announced she would be hosting her own show Megyn Kelly Today on NBC, there was some hype. But after her Sunday evening news magazine show failed, it seems like everybody’s out to destroy Megyn Kelly, especially conservatives who think she betrayed them.

Still, according to the Daily Mail, Kelly was in good spirits as she appeared on Today to announce that there are free tickets available for her upcoming show.

“Megyn Kelly stopped by Today on Tuesday morning as the NBC morning show kicked off its new season, joining her fellow hosts for a group selfie on the plaza. She also used her appearance to announce that studio audience tickets are now available for the 9am show ahead of its September 25 premiere and can be obtained for free online.”

The article adds that tickets for Kelly’s first several tapings were picked up instantly. The article was very flattering towards Kelly, but commenters afterward are pretty vicious.

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