Critics Slam Far-Left Rachel Maddow For Biased Debate Performance

Far left MSNBC host Rachel Maddow was slammed by critics for her underwhelming and unprofessional debate performance during the Democrat Presidential debates. As Fox News reports:

Left-wing MSNBC host Rachel Maddow may be too biased for The New York Times, but she was front and center during NBC’s technical-issue-plagued debate between 2020 Democratic presidential hopefuls — and critics say it made for a softball fest that was “a loss for journalism and a lost opportunity for media balance.”

With Maddow and Chuck Todd, the NBC News star who began his career as a top aide to liberal former Iowa Sen. Tom Harkin, asking most of the questions, none of the 10 candidates were tested rigorously. Debate moderators are historically straight-news journalists, as opposed to partisan pundits but NBC News decided Maddow, on whose show New York Times reporters are forbidden to appear, was fit to grill presidential hopefuls in an event further tarnished by embarrassing audio glitches.

“One would think that NBC News, which purports to be a news organization, would go above and beyond to make sure its hosts’ line of questioning was fair and honest, especially given the backlash the network received for its decision to have a far-left pundit moderate a presidential debate,” BlazeTV White House correspondent Jon Miller told Fox News.

“Instead, Maddow served up questions about her favorite conspiracy theories including that Miami will be underwater because of global warming and that the Mueller report actually contains secret gems that could still lead to Trump’s prosecution,” Miller said. “These are unserious questions unbefitting of a news organization but perfectly suitable for this batch of equally unserious candidates, who made a mockery of themselves and the American people with shameless pandering and outright falsehoods.”

Are critics and viewers finally fed up with Maddow’s insanity and unprofessionalism?

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