Drama in Kardashian Family as Caitlyn Jenner Eyes Political Office

Caitlyn Jenner is just the latest reality TV star with political ambitions, RadarOnline.com has learned.

But according to an insider, it’s not Jenner herself who will be campaigning for office. Instead, a source told Radar, she’s got her sights set on helping Kanye West make America great again – and Kim Kardashian is not pleased.

As Radar reported, Jenner shocked the world when she attended President Donald Trump’s inauguration in Washington DC last week, with not a single family member by her side.

“Caitlyn and Kanye have bonded a lot over President Trump,” a source close to the family said, adding that Jenner is secretly the one pushing West to run for President himself!

But the source said, “of course Kim does not want Kanye to run for President! She does not want the humiliation of him ever running for any office.”

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