Faith-Based Abortion Film Makes Strong Debut

The new movie about abortion “Unplanned” made a strong debut over the weekend despite a lot of backlash from critics.

According to Fox News:

Disney’s star-studded “Dumbo” did not exactly take flight at the North American box office this weekend, while the faith-based film “Unplanned” rounded out the top five flicks with an impressive $6.1 million from only 1,059 theaters.

“Unplanned” was another success for Pure Flix, which targets the faith-based audience.

“We are thrilled, gratified and humbled,” “Unplanned” co-directors Cary Solomon and Chuck Konzelman said Sunday in a statement. “We are so pleased that the American people have responded with such an enormous outpouring of support at the box office. It humbles us and we look forward to seeing what happens in the weeks ahead.”

The film tells the true story of Abby Johnson, who worked at Planned Parenthood for eight years before becoming a pro-life activist.

The pro-life movie is one of controversy and Planned Parenthood supporters have slammed it. However, none of the critics say that the movie is false in its depictions.

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