Rock Band Hit With Tax Evasion Charges

A rock band from Iceland has been charged with tax evasion charges after an investigation by authorities.

According to Page Six:

REYKJAVIK, Iceland — Members of the Icelandic avant-garde rock band Sigur Ros have been charged with tax evasion three years after authorities launched a probe of the group’s finances.

An indictment issued by the district prosecutor Thursday accused the prominent musicians of submitting incorrect tax returns from 2011 to 2014, evading a total of 151 million Icelandic Krona ($1.2 million).

The band’s four members faulted their former accountant and said they cooperated with tax authorities after learning about the inaccurate tax returns.

In a statement Thursday, they vowed to clear the Sigur Ros name and said the group “regrets seeing the case end up in court.”

A court date has not been set for the band. The top tax rate in Iceland is 46 percent.

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