‘Game of Thrones’ Star Rejoices Over ‘Liberal Bubble’ at Sundance Film Festival

Actor Peter Dinklage praised the Chelsea Handler-led anti-Donald Trump Women’s March at the Sundance Film Festival this week, saying in an interview that the festival was the perfect place for the march because most everybody there agrees on politics.

“We didn’t really get much heckling at the march yesterday,” Dinklage told the Daily Beast in an interview at the festival, “but really, I love that I’m here.”

“I’m throwing myself into this community that I love the most, and the art form I love doing,” he added. “Call it a ‘liberal bubble’ or whatever, but I feel it’s great to be here because we’re all expressing ourselves. We all get to be angry together.”

The Golden Globe-winner was among the many stars to take part in the protest rally against the Trump administration in Park City on Saturday, the Los Angeles Times reports. Other stars who joined the march included Charlize Theron, John Legend and Kristen Stewart.

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