Glenn Beck’s Podcast Completely Removed From Apple’s Platform

The Blaze

Conservative commentator Glenn Beck announced that his show, “The Glenn Beck Program,” was removed from Apple Podcasts without prior notice or clear reasoning. Beck shared a video on X expressing his confusion and concern, revealing that Apple had only sent him a vague message about an issue with his show and provided a link for more details, which only reiterated the removal message. He speculated that the removal might be due to a “glitch” but also commented on the potential for more such incidents as the 2024 presidential election approaches.

The specific episode that was spotlighted before the removal delved into former President Donald Trump’s recent indictment in Georgia. Beck examined the allegations against Trump, suggesting that if these charges were pursued, it might threaten free speech. He contrasted these claims with information linked to Hunter Biden and President Biden, posing a question about the actual “crime family.”

Shortly after highlighting the removal of his show, Beck updated that Apple had reinstated over 3000 episodes of his program on their platform. However, he mentioned that he was still in the dark regarding the reason behind the removal and expressed hopes of providing a more detailed update to his audience during his radio broadcast.

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