Heavyweight Champ Gets Death Threats After Supporting President Trump

Heavyweight boxing champ David “Nino” Rodriguez revealed that he has been receiving death threats after coming out in support of President Donald Trump. As The Daily Caller reports:

Heavyweight Champion Boxer David ‘Nino’ Rodriguez says he’s received death threats and hate mail and lost a lot of fans after he publicly voiced his support for President Trump and his policies.

Rodriguez who is Latino and lives in El Paso, Texas says things got worse when he talked about his support for building the wall along the US-Mexico border.

“It has gotten really bad, I have never seen the political climate at this point — you know where it’s at right now,” said Rodriguez.

It’s ridiculous that we now live in a country where Latino athletes like Rodriguez receive death threats merely for supporting the President of the United States. The Left continues to push the envelope. When will enough be enough?

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