James Cameron the Latest to Trash Trump Admin: ‘These People Are Insane’

Film director and climate change activist James Cameron says President Donald Trump has filled his cabinet with crazy people.

“[Trump] nominated a guy to run the EPA [Scott Pruitt] who has eight lawsuits against the EPA, and refuses to recuse himself from those lawsuits! It’s basically the upside-down world right now, and the kind of dialogue coming out of these guys sounds like George Orwell,” Cameron told The Daily Beast.

“Alternate facts? There’s no such thing as an alternate fact! These people are insane,” Cameron said.

Cameron said President Trump is going to undo all the work that was done to help avoid a climate-related disaster that could put the planet in peril.

“Years ago, we sort of spotted the iceberg ahead of us and we called out the order to turn, and we’ve been slowly, slowly, slowly trying to turn this big-ass ship to not hit the iceberg, and then Trump grabbed the tiller and just plunged it right back at the center of the iceberg,” Cameron said.

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