‘Jaws’ Actress Lee Fierro Dies Of Coronavirus

Actress Lee Fierro who played an iconic roll in the classic Steven Spielberg film ‘Jaws’ has now died from Coronavirus at the age of 91.

Fierro’s memorable role showed her playing the grieving mother of a boy who was killed by a giant shark because the town’s mayor refused to close the beaches.

As Yahoo Entertainment reports:

Lee Fierro, the actress who memorably played the grieving mother Mrs Kintner in Jaws, has died from complications brought on by coronavirus.

She was 91.

Though a resident of Martha’s Vineyard in Massachusetts, where Jaws was filmed, she died at an assisted care facility in Ohio, according to the Martha’s Vineyard Times.

In Spielberg’s breakthrough movie, Fierro confronted Roy Scheider’s Chief Brody in one of the film’s most visceral scenes.

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