Jill Biden Promises To Help Women — Don’t Trust The Deception

This should concern every American woman: First Lady Jill Biden has a new initiative to “fundamentally change” women’s health research – this coming from the administration that adds transgender “rights” to every women’s policy or initiative, and works obsessively to convince women that abortion is equal to healthcare.

Do women really want this administration making decisions about our most serious health concerns?

The first lady just announced the “White House Initiative on Women’s Health Research” in North Carolina, where she and President Joe Biden are worried former President Donald Trump will win in the upcoming general election in November. And they’re probably right. Trump leads Biden in almost all swing states including North Carolina, and as the new head of the Republican National Committee (RNC) noted, there’s not a “realistic path to presidency” without winning North Carolina and its sixteen electoral college votes.

Women beware: Jill’s claim that she and her husband fight for “fundamental freedoms and rights of women” is total deception. Essentially every women’s policy or initiative their administration puts forward inevitably includes the promotion of transgenderism, disrespecting and degrading real women.

This includes the White House Gender Policy Council, the State Department’s Gender Equality and Women’s Empowerment Policy, and Jill Biden’s honor of a biological maninstead of a woman, as a recipient of the State Department prestigious International Women of Courage Award. In fact, even the UN Special Rapporteur on Violence Against Women, in an organization that pushes progressivism, says Biden’s transgender policies are “extreme forms of discrimination against” women.

Jill Biden’s claim that Trump is “dangerous” to women is also complete deception. Trump’s administration did more than any other in history to promote women, like putting hundreds of women in senior leadership positions in the U.S. government, creating the Women’s Global Development and Prosperity (W-GDP) initiative to grow women’s businesses worldwide, and making the U.S. the first country with a comprehensive law and strategy for Women, Peace, and Security (WPS).

But the Bidens use deception to scare women into believing we’re victims, waiting for them to ride to the rescue with new initiatives and legal “rights.” They even claim the reversal of Roe vs. Wade is a terrifying threat, using phrases like “national abortion ban,” “decisions that strip away our most basic freedoms,” and other misleading language to manipulate women into believing all their healthcare decisions, like birth control, would be criminalized under another Trump administration. Trump has been clear that abortion access has gone back to the decision-making power of the states, in keeping with the Supreme Court’s decision.

It’s obvious why the Biden’s have to lie and fearmonger to win over women—they have no true record on supporting us. In fact, the historical record shows Democrats have oppressed women’s rights from at least the early 1900’s when President Woodrow Wilson denied women the right to vote, to today, when one of Biden’s very first executive orders allowed biological males “identifying as women” to use female locker rooms, bathrooms, and play on female sports teams.

A forgotten fact: The 19th amendment, introduced into the Senate by Republicans in 1878, was defeated by the Democrat-controlled Senate four times. And in 1918, Woodrow Wilson’s famous declarations promoting “the right to self-determiniation” did not extend to American women. As women suffragists like Alice Paul (a Republican) picketed the White House to protest Wilson’s hypocrisy, they were arrested and thrown into workhouses. When Republicans regained control of Congress in 1919, the Equal Suffrage Amendment passed, allowing women to vote for the first time in November 1920.

Also forgotten is that early feminists strongly condemned abortion, like Paul who said, “Abortion is the ultlimate exploitation of women.” It was not until the 1960s and 70s, that Betty Friedan and propagandists tied abortion to the women’s movement until it eventually became the symbol of “women’s empowerment.” Until then, the movement rightly focused on issues like equality for women in the workplace.

Today, women are still being treated as an afterthought by an administration that will not recognize or protect our unique and special existence. We are angry at the Bidens complete dismissal of our experiences, at their lies, at their fearmongering, and quite frankly, at being treated as third-tier to their radical political agenda.

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