Judge Rejects Lawsuit Claiming Disney Replaced American Workers With Immigrants

According to an order to dismiss, plaintiffs have not plausibly made the case of false statements submitted to the Labor Department.The American tech workers at Walt Disney World who lost their jobs to immigrants, but not before having to train their replacements, have just suffered a big setback in court. On Thursday, a Florida federal judge dismissed a proposed class action that charged Disney and its consulting firm with committing racketeering.

The lawsuit from Leo Perrero and others similarly situated drew widespread attention upon filing earlier this year. They attempted to make the case that false statements were submitted to the government attesting that foreigners hired on H-1B visas wouldn’t adversely affect the working conditions of U.S. workers.

In response to the lawsuit, Disney and HCL America argued that immigration law was being misinterpreted, that certification statements to the Department of Labor would only apply to the working conditions of HCL employees, not those working for Disney.

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