Liberals Say Woody Harrelson “Just Canceled Himself” After Wearing This Candidate’s Hat

_cherylhines Instagram

In a recent turn of events, the liberal base on Twitter, voiced their displeasure after seeing a photo of Woody Harrelson donning a hat in support of Democratic presidential hopeful Robert F. Kennedy Jr. This particular endorsement wasn’t well-received given that Kennedy has been making headlines, not just for his progressive stances, but also for his public skepticism of the COVID-19 protocols and his controversial stance on childhood vaccinations.

The photograph, which also featured Kennedy’s wife, Hines, showcased Harrelson proudly wearing a blue “Kennedy 2024” cap. While it’s no surprise to many that Harrelson would back Kennedy, given his own critical comments about the US’s pandemic response, it certainly struck a nerve among many on the left. Reactions ranged from disappointed remarks by former Bill Clinton staffer Claude Taylor, who noted the importance of not seeing actors as role models, to outright dismissive comments like those from “Shark Tank” senior producer Andrew Kimmel, stating “We lost Woody.”

It’s evident that the tide is turning, or at least shifting, in the way certain political endorsements are received by the public. The backlash against Harrelson is just another chapter in the ongoing saga of political endorsements and their consequences in the age of social media.

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