Lights Out: Biden Admin Targets Lightbulbs In Latest Appliance Crackdown

The Biden administration finalized energy efficiency regulations targeting light bulbs on Friday.

The Department of Energy (DOE) announced the final rules for “general services lamps,” a category of products that includes light bulbs, to nudge the market to adopt more energy efficient models. The Biden administration, led chiefly by the DOE, has pushed similar regulations targeting a host of household appliances.

“Making common household appliances more efficient is one of the most effective ways to slash energy costs and cut harmful carbon emissions,” Secretary of Energy Jennifer Granholm said of the regulation. “Under President Biden and as directed by Congress, DOE is following the lead of lightbulb manufacturers, helping American families flip the switch on massive energy savings through strengthened energy efficiency standards.”


The standards finalized Friday will apply to newly-produced lightbulbs starting in 2028, according to the DOE.

The DOE concedes that LED lightbulbs are more expensive up front relative to standard incandescent bulbs, but asserts that LED bulbs will save Americans money on their energy bills because of their higher efficiency. The agency projects that the regulation will ultimately save Americans more than $1.5 billion annually over time and reduce carbon dioxide emissions by 70 million metric tons.

Other appliances the administration has sought to regulate include water heaters, gas-powered portable generatorsfurnaces and pool pump motors.

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