Lindsay Lohan Says She’s ‘Scared’ to Return to the U.S.—But Not Because of Trump

On Friday, Lindsay Lohan sat down with the Daily Mail in New York City for a Facebook Live chat. For the past couple of years, Lindsay has been all about that European life, and she’s made no secret about how much more she likes living there than the US. But she decided to return to the US for a bit. And according to Lindsay, it was a real ordeal for her emotions.

Lindsay recently returned to NYC to visit the UN and the Daily Mail and to talk about her work with Syrian refugees. Traveling to the US wasn’t easy for the Apricot Ashtray, and it’s not because she was trying to pay for a plane ticket with a credit card she had pilfered from the wallet of her last “business associate.” Lindsay has been dabbing in Islam. And who recently tried to ban Muslims from entering the country? Trump. Even though Lindsay is American-born, famous, white, not a Muslim, and still has American citizenship, she was “scared” to enter the country.

“I was scared to come here with everything going on because of my personal beliefs.”

When asked if she has converted or is in the process of converting to Islam, Lindsay said no. But she adds that she’s merely educating herself and is open to all religions. You’d think that Lindsay would be pissed about Trump’s Muslim Ban, but she isn’t. She thinks America needs to get behind him.

“He is the president. We have to join him. If you cant beat him, join him. I think it would be a positive thing for America to show their care and support.”

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