Madonna Approved to Adopt Twins from Africa Even After White House Threats

Reuters reports that this morning, Malawi’s high court approved Madonna’s request to adopt four-year-old twin girls, Esther and Stella Mwalea. A spokesperson for Malawi’s judiciary says that Madonna was in the courtroom Tuesday when the decision was made. Esther and Stella have reportedly been living together in a Malawi orphanage for two years. The Daily Mail seems to think Madonna and Esther and Stella will all leave for New York within the next 24 hours on a private jet.

Madonna’s 11-year-old son David Banda and 11-year-old daughter Mercy James were both also adopted from Malawi, and she founded the Raising Malawi foundation. A source tells the Daily Mail that Madonna was pretty much guaranteed to get approval for the adoption, and that an investigative report regarding her suitability as a parent only said “complimentary” things.

“The adoption was never really in doubt. The report on Madonna was very complimentary about her suitability to adopt the children. It counted very much in her favour that she has provided a stable home to two other orphans.”

Of course, the adoption isn’t without a bit of drama. The Daily Mail says that Mercy James’ uncle Peter Banet, who clearly shares the same feelings about Madonna with Mercy’s birth mother, sent a message to the family of Esther and Stella. In it, he urged them not to let Madonna take Esther and Stella, and warned them that they would never hear or see from them again, and that it would be as if their children “had died.”

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