Mega-Billionaire Jeff Bezos Slams Girlfriend’s Brother For Alleged ‘Extortion’ After He Files Defamation Suit Against Him

Mega Billionaire Jeff Bezo’s is now accusing his girlfriend’s brother of trying to extort him after he filed a defamation suit against the billionaire as part of an escalating legal battel over nude photos of Bezos that were leaked to the National Inquirer. As The Daily Mail reports:

Bezos was sued last week by his girlfriend’s brother, Michael Sanchez, who alleged he defamed him by suggesting that it was him who shared some of the private details of his romance with Lauren to the Enquirer.

Sanchez had spoken with the magazine but he insists he did not give them the lewd photographs of Bezos which appeared in the explosive expose.

His sister is siding with her new billionaire boyfriend and has accused Michael of an ‘unspeakable betrayal’…

In a filing in court on Monday, Bezos’ attorney argued that Michael is merely trying to ‘extort’ him with the defamation lawsuit.

Sanchez, Bezo’s girlfriend, has gone on record accusing her brother of leaking the nude photos to the enquirer.

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