Nancy Pelosi Says She’ll Seek Reelection in 2024

Arjun Singh on September 8, 2023

Former House Speaker Nancy Pelosi announced on Friday that she will seek reelection to a twentieth term in the House of Representatives in 2024, according to a post on Twitter, now known as X.

Pelosi, age 83, served previously as the speaker of the House of Representatives for eight years cumulatively and was leader of the House Democratic Caucus for twenty years from 2003 to 2023. After retiring from leadership at the end of the 117th Congress, Pelosi has remained a member of the House from San Francisco and announced on Friday that she would run again in 2024, according to a tweet.

“Now more than ever our City needs us to advance San Francisco values and further our recovery. Our country needs America to show the world that our flag is still there, with liberty and justice for ALL. That is why I am running for reelection — and respectfully ask for your vote,” Pelosi tweeted. She has represented San Francisco in the House since 1987.

Pelosi’s retirement from the House Democratic leadership came following an attack on her husband, Paul Pelosi, in her San Francisco home, where he was assaulted by David DePape, a homeless man and illegal immigrant from Canada. She was succeeded by Democratic Rep. Hakeem Jeffries, who represents the Brooklyn borough of New York City.

Pelosi’s second term as Speaker from 2019 to 2023 saw her preside over the chamber that impeached President Donald Trump twice. Trump was acquitted both times after a trial in the Senate.

Pelosi is currently the eighth-oldest member of the House of Representatives, and among the oldest members of Congress overall. Her announcement comes after widespread criticism of the old age of high-ranking federal politicians in the United States, such as President Joe Biden (age 80), Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell (age 81) and Democratic Sen. Dianne Feinstein of California (age 89).

The likelihood of Pelosi facing a primary challenge for her seat is low, even as Democratic state Sen. Scott Wiener of California launched an exploratory committee and raised $820,000 ahead of Pelosi’s announcement. “Nancy is blocking the sun and it is really hard to even think about or talk about [the future] because no one wants to take on Nancy,” said a Democratic political strategist.

Pelosi had filed paperwork to run for reelection on Jan 16., shortly after the 118th Congress took office, according to the Federal Election Commission. Pelosi has long been known as a top fundraiser for Democrats and, prior to her announcement on Friday, she raised over $2 million for her campaign, with a separate “Nancy Pelosi Victory Fund” having raised $36 million in 2022.

“[S]he has earned her job as our Representative as long as she wants it,” said Christine Pelosi, her daughter.

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