NFL Targeting Pro-Kaepernick Protesters?

A pro-Kaepernick football player who protests openly on the field is claiming that he is being targeted by the NFL for those protests.

According to The Daily Wire:

Carolina Panthers safety Eric Reid — who has taken up the mantle as the default leader of the divisive National Anthem protest movement started by his former teammate, ex-San Francisco quarterback Colin Kaepernick — provided Monday what he suggested is more evidence that he is being targeted for his ongoing on-field protests.

Since signing with the Panthers just 11 weeks ago, Reid says he’s been selected for “random” drug testing now seven times. Reid posted a photo of his seventh drug test notification on Monday:

USA Today’s For The Win, which has been tracking Reid’s statistically suspicious drug tests since November, ran the numbers on the chances of Reid being hit with seven drug tests in less than 12 weeks and found the probability to be just .02%.

For The Win notes that Reid’s latest test notification came right after he wore some protest-themed specialized cleats, which Reid touted in another post before the big game against the New Orleans Saints Monday. In the post, Reid quoted the artist, who specifically praised the league-suing Kaepernick.

Kaepernick has come out in support of Eric Reid and this could be another reason why they are targeting Reid.

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