Oliver Anthony Slams Obama and Clintons During Joe Rogan Interview

Sudden music phenomenon, Oliver Anthony, recently criticized Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton for their evolving views on same-sex marriage during a conversation on the Joe Rogan Experience podcast.  Anthony, who recently soared to the top of the charts with his hit single ‘Rich Men North of Richmond’, expressed his frustration with the shifting policies of the two Democratic figures over the years.

He stated:

‘You can look at politicians over a 15-year span, and I think any politician from the 90s is gonna have a lot of different opinions.

‘I know very little about any of this, but I know for sure with Hillary Clinton, but I think even with Obama originally, their stance was very much against gay marriage. And then it flipped around.’


In the podcast, Anthony revealed that the majority of his friends support former President Donald Trump and emphasized his own affection for the Second Amendment. Rogan agreed that he appreciates Trump’s authenticity and honesty, saying:

‘I think that’s what attracts people to that rough raw authentic type of speech. It’s not clean cut and it’s not professional.’

Rogan hosted the country music sensation at his comedy club in Texas, much to the enjoyment of the audience. The 56-year-old podcaster further pointed out that Clinton did not endorse same-sex marriage until 2013, despite having opposed it in 2008.


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