Pop Star Justin Bieber Opens Up About His Faith In Christ

Pop superstar Justin Bieber opened up about his Christian faith in a new interview with Apple Music as part of a campaign to promote his new album ‘Changes.’

As The Daily Wire reports:

Avowed Christian Justin Bieber recently opened up about the many issues he struggled to overcome before finding faith in Jesus Christ.

In an interview with Apple Music’s Zane Lowe to promote his album “Changes,” Bieber talked about how faith in Christ eventually led him to obedience in sin.

“I really took a deep dive in my faith,” Bieber said, as reported by Fox News. “I believed in Jesus but I never really, like…when it says following Jesus is actually turning away from sin, and so there’s no, it talks about it in the Bible, there’s no faith without obedience.”

Though Bieber always believed in who Jesus was and accepted his death on the cross to save humanity from sin, he “never really implemented it” in his life, he said. When he allowed faith to penetrate his heart, Bieber claims he turned his life around. The difficulty for him, however, was overcoming the bad examples of Christians in his life, who he said would “say one thing and do another.”

Bieber reportedly has no desire to tell people what to believe but he did hope that by sharing his own story he might inspire others to find Christ as well.

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