Pro-Life Win! This Actress’ Story Will Warm Your Heart

Actress Ashley Bratcher is the star in the new pro-life movie “unplanned”. The actress told her story about how she was an unplanned pregnancy and was almost aborted. The left has been crucifying her over this and they are wrong to do so, this is a beautiful story that needs to be shared. As the Daily Wire Reports:

“I was given just six pages. Six pages that ignited my curiosity,” she said. “How could this incredibly [devoted] woman one day change her mind about everything she believed in? There had to be more to the story.”

After joining Planned Parenthood in 2001, Abby Johnson rose to become the Clinic Director of the Bryan, Texas, facility and was one of the abortion chain’s top employees. In 2009, however, she experienced a change of heart when she aided in an ultra-sound-guided abortion procedure on a 13-week old fetus. In her memoir, she recalled how the baby squirmed in fright as the vacuum tore it from its mother’s womb.

“For the briefest moment,” she wrote, “the baby looked as if it were being wrung like a dishcloth, twirled and squeezed. And then it crumpled and began disappearing into the cannula before my eyes. The last thing I saw was the tiny, perfectly formed backbone sucked into the tube, and then it was gone.”

The traumatic event caused such a stir in Johnson that she resigned from her post at Planned Parenthood and never looked back. Today, she is one of the most passionate figures in the pro-life movement.

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