Report: Facebook Fact-Checking Run by Progressive Activists

On Friday’s Breitbart News Daily with SiriusXM host Alex Marlow, Clinton Cash author and Breitbart News Senior Editor Peter Schweizer said Facebook’s decision to regulate “fake news” is a “huge problem.”

“Here’s the thing: I’ve had my experience with the ‘fact-checkers,’ and oftentimes what they are doing is not so much checking facts and confirming, you know, ‘Were 20,000 widgets sold by this company last year?’. What they’re doing is, they’re re-framing stories and trying to put them into a context. So they would not confirm challenge the fact that 20,000 widgets were produced by a factory. But they would say, ‘Well, this is what thatreally means, according to our interpretation.’ That’s not fact-checking, that’s framing, and that’s trying to contextualize in a way that advances an agenda,” Scnweizer said.

“And as you said, when you look at these fact-check organizations, the politics is really outrageous,” he continued. “I looked yesterday, just a little bit, at Snopes, which started out as a website that basically would look at urban legends like ‘Does Bigfoot exist?’ and try to determine whether that was true or not. But what they’ve done is, they’ve migrated into politics.”

“And when you look at the roster of people – you know, Bethania Palma, Kim LaCapria,Dan Evon to name just some of them that are in this area, or Arturo Garcia – these are all self-described ‘progressives.’ I’m not saying that’s what they are, they describe themselves as progressives, and they write for websites in addition to Snopes like Alternet. One of them, for example, wrote an article saying conservatives have low IQs and are racists,” he said.

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