Republicans Are Impeaching The Wrong Guy

Washington, D.C. (June 14, 2021) Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas participates in an interview with Michael Isikoff from Yahoo News.

The House Homeland Security Committee voted to impeach Secretary Alejandro Majorkas essentially for leaving the southern border wide open. Speaker Mike Johnson vows a full House vote “as soon as possible.” The problem is the House is impeaching the wrong man. Indict the bag man, fine, but focus on the dealer.

Secretary Majorkas is carrying out the policies of President Joe Biden. Everything Majorkas has done was under Biden’s direction. Nothing Majorkas failed to do wasn’t known to the President. No law ignored, no duty failed, no responsibility abdicated wasn’t the direct result of Biden’s policy.

What is Biden’s policy? To leave America’s borders wide open but for an occasional administrative how-do-you-do. What is his rationale, one wonders? Every justification seems preposterous. He has also reduced America’s dedicated and highly professional Customs and Border Patrol to babysitting and running a shuttle service for illegal immigrants.

Millions of illegals have come across the border during Biden’s term.  They trek facing great dangers and expense, most with no other claim to admittance than hope. But also included are untold numbers of criminals and terrorists. Biden shares in the guilt for the criminal or terrorist acts committed in America by these illegals.

Many more lured by America’s promise and Biden’s open border succumb to exhaustion, illness, and criminal activity. Having enticed these poor souls, Biden shares in the guilt of their suffering and death. He is directly complicit in crimes against humanity.

What we have here is an invasion, not by foreign power nor organized military, but an invasion nonetheless. As commander-in-chief, Biden is responsible for ensuring Americans’ safety against invasion. As commander-in-chief, Biden is guilty of gross dereliction of duty.

Whatever the tangential merits of the Senate’s new, bipartisan immigration bill, this legislation is neither necessary nor sufficient to halt the invasion. President Trump’s policies were working, and would have been steadily more effective as work on the border wall continued. Biden reversed those policies. He only needs to reverse himself. But he won’t, of course.

The commander-in-chief stands with open arms while the southern border is overrun, but raises his fist to the State of Texas trying to stop Biden’s invasion. Twenty-five Republican governors have now signed a letter in support of Texas Governor Greg Abbott’s efforts to protect the nation. Many, like Idaho’s Brad Little, have sent State Troopers to help. Doubtless many Democratic governors wanted to sign the letter to Biden, as well. In failing to sign, they have chosen party over the security of their respective states and the nation.

“High crimes and misdemeanors” is the constitutional standard justifying impeachment. Encouraging, abetting, and facilitating an invasion across the southern border clearly meets the standard. Biden’s policy directly violates his oath of office. It betrays the constitutionally founded pact between the federal and state governments. It sums to a single word: treason.

It’s a harsh judgment; a shocking term when applied to the President of the United States. Treason. But it fits and no one reviewing Biden’s actions and their consequences can gainsay it.

Years ago, impeaching Biden would have seemed crassly inappropriate with an election looming. Let the voters decide. But when then-House Speaker Nancy Pelosi rammed through an impeachment resolution against then-President Trump, he had only seven days remaining in office. Pelosi and friends set the precedent, now we must all live with it.

Perhaps the country would be better off if the House didn’t follow Pelosi’s example. After all, the Senate will, presumably and eventually go through the motions and fail to convict.

But, oh the temptation, not to mention firmly grounded justification. Secretary Majorkas was just carrying out orders. If the House is going to act, it should first act against the man who gave those orders.

J.D. Foster on February 4, 2024

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