Rick Harrison Slams American’s History Acumen

“Pawn Stars” star Rick Harrison recently slammed Americans for not learning from history.

According to Fox News:

The 54-year-old businessman proves he’s every bit the history nerd people think when a book collector brings a rare edition of “Thrones” signed by author George R.R. Martin to the shop. Thanks to the expanded episode time, he is able to give viewers a lesson on the medieval War of the Roses, which heavily inspired Martin’s now-iconic tale.

“I don’t think it’s a first edition, but a few years after [‘Game of Thrones’] came out, he came out with a special edition and he signed a bunch of copies, but no one really bought it because it wasn’t cool yet,“ the pawn shop owner revealed. “Then it sort of exploded and now the book is worth a fortune. It’s one of those things, if you’re there at the right time at the right place, you could have bought as many as you wanted for $50 a piece.”

“People sit around and talk about how, well Trump didn’t get the majority of the vote and stuff like that. But Abraham Lincoln didn’t get the majority of the vote,” he said. “Also, we live in a democratic republic, we don’t live in a democracy. Democracies are terrible. A true democracy is mob rules, where 51 percent can take away the other 49 percent’s property and do whatever they want. I really just wish people understood how and why this government works.”

He continued: “There’s so little emphasis on history anymore and it’s so important that we know history because it’s how we got where we’re at and if we don’t listen to the history, we’ll just go back to where we were.”

His message for success is to continue to work hard. He also stated that if you start a business don’t plan on taking a day off for a couple of years.

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