Actor Rob Schneider Rips Elizabeth Warren After Elitist Call For Online Censorship

Actor and comedian Rob Schneider blasted Democrat candidate Elizabeth Warren after she announced an unhinged plan to censor views she deemed ‘false information.’

As The Daily Wire reports:

On Wednesday, Senator Elizabeth Warren (D-MA), who has had her own issues with spreading disinformation, pontificated once again at length, this time calling on other Democratic candidates and “big tech companies” to stop the “spread of false information.” Warren stated, “The stakes of this election are too high. We need to fight the spread of false information that disempowers voters and undermines democracy. I’ll do my part—and I’m calling on my fellow candidates and big tech companies to do their part, too.”

Actor Rob Schneider, thoroughly disgusted, blasted Warren on Twitter, firing back, “Thank YOU @ewarren for treating Americans like we are so completely f***ing stupid that we can’t think for ourselves. Luckily we have leaders like YOU who can tell us what to believe & how to vote. You are right:the stakes are too high to trust the people to decide for themselves.”

Schneider has been outspoken about his conservatism for some time; in April 2017, he tweeted,”UC Berkeley, after your done eliminating speech you don’t like & words you don’t like what’s next? Maybe add burning books to the curriculum.” Three months later he targeted CNN for their threat to doxx the creator of the .gif in which President Trump savagely punched out a figure whose visage was emblazoned “CNN.”

Warren, a candidate who is infamous for false claiming she had significant Native American ancestory, has recently been struggling against her rivals in the Democratic primary race.

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