‘SNL’ Comedian: Trump is Right—We Are Too One-Sided

Michael Che said President-elect Donald Trump is right that “Saturday Night Live” “should show all views.”

In an interview with Esquire magazine on Wednesday, the 33-year-old anchor of the show’s “Weekend Update” segment was asked about Trump’s critique that the show is too “one-sided.”

“Oddly, I agree with him,” he added. “We try to write that way. But I do agree with him. I think the show should show all views and we make a conscious effort to do so. ”

“That’s why I loved “The Bubble” sketch,” he added. “That was a great sketch poking fun at ultra-liberals. We put him on the show when he was the most controversial man, and people said that wasn’t fair. I don’t think he has much grounds to speak on that because, if anything, we’ve been the most friendly show to him.”

“But comedy should take both sides,” he continued. “No matter who is in power, we should be making fun of them.”

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