Hillary Supporters Encourage Terrible Family Dinner Conversations

A slew of liberals in the news and entertainment world offer guides for like-minded lefties on what to do when forced to break bread with their supposedly “racist,” “bigoted,” and “misogynistic” relatives.

Gothamist‘s Scott Heins, for instance, told his readers he loathed his dad’s “bigotry and misogyny” and claimed his construction-worker father voted Trump because he was excited by the candidate’s “white nationalism.” Heins also seemed to consider Thanksgiving dinner as little else but drudgery that he was obligated to suffer. He proclaimed it his “progressive duty” to hector his family back home in rural Minnesota about how Hillary Clinton would have been better, and that Trump is a racist, and that liberal policies are the only thing that can save the country.

He sounds considerate.

Speaking of “considerate,” leftist comedienne Samantha Bee made a list of ways bedraggled liberals could get even with their bigoted Republican relatives on Thanksgiving. The TV host lamented that liberals are forced to share a Thanksgiving meal with voters who put a “thin-skinned lunatic who may or may not be able to read” into the White House, but she has the cure for that disease.

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