‘Star Wars’ Star Calls Trump’s Cabinet a ‘Who’s Who of Really Despicable People’

Star Wars actor Mark Hamill says his new Web series about pop culture has come along just in the nick of time — because it’s diverted his attention from Donald Trump’s Cabinet appointments.

In an interview with the Daily Beast published Sunday, the actor behind Luke Skywalker in the iconic film series said he is still “in total denial” about the results of this year’s presidential election.

“I’m glad I have [the show Pop Culture Quest] to take my mind off what’s going on,” Hamill told the outlet of his new Web series about comics and memorabilia collectors. “Because if you look at what’s being assembled for our government it’s like, yikes. It’s a who’s-who of really despicable people.”

Hamill didn’t mention any of the President-elect’s appointments by name, but Trump has filled several Cabinet and administrative positions since his victory over Hillary Clinton earlier this month.

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