The Late Tom Petty’s Family is in Turmoil

The late rocker Tom Petty’s family is in turmoil as his daughter and his widow fight over the iconic rockstar’s legacy.

According to Fox News:

Tom Petty‘s family is at war after his eldest daughter, Adria, allegedly planned to cash in on her late father’s edgy legacy by “selling out” and creating a Paul Newman-style range of Tom Petty salad dressings and other cheesy supermarket products, according to court docs.

Tensions boiled over when the plan by Adria – Petty’s eldest daughter from his first wife, Jane – was blocked by the rocker’s widow, Dana Petty, his wife of 10 years until his death, who argued the rock ‘n’ roll legend’s fans would be disgusted by such a “sad perversion of Tom’s legacy.”

Dana states in an explosive new legal filing, exclusively seen by Page Six, “Adria wanted to authorize Tom’s name and likeness to be used to promote products akin to Paul Newman, whose face adorns bottles of salad dressing and so on.

“But Tom would never have permitted such a thing, he never ‘sold out’ while he was alive and refused to do any such thing despite numerous opportunities. Dana is certain Tom’s fans would also find it a sad perversion of Tom’s legacy.”

Petty passed away in 2017 from an overdose and his daughters were given equal votes to control his estate with his widow and their step-mother. Relations quickly deteriorated when the daughters began fighting the rocker’s widow for control.

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