The Netherlands Asks For ‘America First, Netherlands Second’ In Hilarious Parody Video

How do you translate Donald Trump into Dutch?

A satirist from the Netherlands offers this answer: a video using Trump’s own words to “welcome” him to the country.

“Zondag Met Lubach,” the country’s news satire show, has released a fake tourism video “introducing” Trump to their “tiny country” using the bombastic language the U.S. president loves so much. “It’s gonna be a great video,” host Arjen Lubach promises.

As bucolic shots of windmills and canals flash on screen, a narrator speaks of the Netherlands’ language (“We’ve got the best words. All the other languages failed.”); Ponypark Slagharen (“You can grab them by the pony”) and Afsluitdijk, a “wall” built to keep out the “water from Mexico” (a.k.a. the ocean).

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