The Reason People are Unsubscribing from Netflix

Yesterday, Netflix released several teaser trailers for its future projects. However, one upcoming series captured a subsection of the internet’s wrath like no other. After seeing Dear White People’s date announcement video, users are posting photos of themselves deleting their Netflix accounts and others are threatening to cancel.

Netflix’s Dear White People is the series continuation of the 2014 movie of the same name. The satirical franchise focuses on what happens when Sam White, activist and host of the biting radio show Dear White People, is unexpectedly elected as head of a traditionally black residence hall. What follows is a campus-wide culture war that leaves many of the movie’s protagonists scrambling to figure out their identity, especially with graduation in sight. The movie was met with wide critical acclaim and won several minor awards during its run. However, the film never received this level of attention when it was in theaters.

Users who are criticizing Netflix have called the teaser trailer “racist.” The trailer features the fearless Sam lecturing white people about when type of Halloween costumes are and are not acceptable. She ends the bit by saying “Top of the list of unacceptable costumes: Me.” According to the Daily Mail, one user expressed their outrage in the video’s YouTube comments section, saying: “I am utterly repulsed that a company that would air a program that judges me simply based on my skin color. I have never judged anyone in such a way and I hoped no one would judge me in this way either … A truly sad day in America. I hope that Netflix will come to it’s senses.”

Dear White People’s director, Justin Simien, has confronted this type of reaction before. ‘The truth is, my film isn’t about “white racism” or racism at all,” he said in an interview with The Blaze around the time of the movie’s release. “My film is about identity.”

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