The Rock Just Made an Awesome Video About Voting

Dwayne Johnson is currently busy filming Jumanji in Hawaii, but even he has a few seconds to spread the word about the upcoming election. On Tuesday, the actor got political on YouTube, urging his fans to register to vote. “Did you know, on average, it takes approximately a minute and 34 seconds to register to vote?” he asks the camera. “Ninety-four seconds to register to vote! Ninety-four seconds, guys! Can you believe that sh*t?”

To prove just how serious he is about making your voice heard, Dwayne followed up with a music montage from his Seven Bucks Production team, listing off all the things you can do in the same amount of time it takes to register. Of course, one of the best parts is when the lyrics reference the actor calling his Furious 8 costars “candy asses” at the 53-second mark. See the NSFW video above, then check out even more of his funny moments.

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