This DJ Thinks Trump is Being Blackmailed by Russia

Moby shared a post with his Facebook followers intending to confirm and share a number of conspiracy theories about President Donald Trump.

In his Monday post, Moby said he spent the weekend speaking with friends who work in Washington, D.C., and could now accurately post five different allegations about the president.

According to Moby’s post, the scandalous Russian dossier on Trump is “100% real” and the president is being blackmailed by the Russian government for more “nefarious things” than a golden shower show. He also claims the Trump administration has always been and continues to be “in collusion with the Russian government.”

The musician and activist went on to state that the Trump administration “needs a war” and will likely seek one with Iran — where tensions are rising. Moby stated that U.S. warships are being directed to the coast of Iran now, in hopes that the country will attack one and give the United States “a pretense for invasion.”

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