Toby Keith Has No Regrets About Performing at the Inauguration

Toby Keith said he doesn’t regret performing at Donald Trump’s inauguration.

Though several performers backed out of the January ceremony after they received backlash from their fans, the 55-year-old singer explained why he’s proud he was at the “Make America Great Again! Welcome Celebration” the night before the president was sworn in.

“There’s no reason not to do it,” Keith reportedly said on stage at the 2017 Country Radio Seminar. “I know a bunch of people were committed. I know a bunch of people — I’m not naming names — but there’s a bunch of people that I didn’t think would have considered it who were committed, and they backed out due to pressure.”

“In the end, it just makes you stronger,” he continued. “If you don’t succumb to that kind of pressure, you’ll always come out stronger: Your fans will love you more, your friends will love you more, and at the end of the day, you just get another notch on your gun belt.”

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