Tom Hanks Sends the White House a Gift—But It’s Not for Trump

Many years ago during the George W. Bush administration, Tom Hanks caught a glimpse of the press area’s break room at the White House and noticed a grave injustice: no coffee maker! He took the liberty of purchasing the White House press corps their very own espresso machine, then replaced it in 2010 when he thought the maker looked like it hadn’t been cleaned since he bought it.

Now that there’s a new president, Hanks is back at it: On Thursday, he gifted yet another brand-spanking-new espresso machine to the worn-out press corps, sending with it a note to “keep up the good fight for Truth, Justice, and the American Way. Especially the Truth part.”

Because if Trump’s not getting any shut-eye, neither shall the press thanks to Hanks, who’s now your new favorite pick to play Attorney General Jeff Sessions on SNL.

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