Transgender Performer Outraged After Kanye West’s Religious Revival Causes Cancellation of His Show

Transgender performance artist Phia Menard and his fans have expressed their outrage after they were forced to cancel their show due to Kanye West’s religious revival tour.

As The Daily Wire reports:

Transgender juggler Phia Menard and the performer’s fans have expressed outrage over the last-minute cancellation of Menard’s show at the Bouffes du Nord theater in Paris, France, to make way for one of Kanye West’s famous “Sunday Service” religious-themed events.

In what AFP describes as a decision prompting “furor” and a “storm” of controversy, just a day ahead of Menard’s performance at the Bouffes du Nord theatre during fashion week, the venue notified the juggler that the show was canceled, citing “technical reasons.”

But, Menard suggested in a defiant statement on social media, the real reason for the cancellation was the theater management’s greed which resulted in them prioritizing West’s religious-themed event.

In a statement on Facebook on Monday, Menard decried both the theater’s managers and West, whom the transgender performer described as a “Trump-supporting rapper.”

West’s political and religious transformation over the past several years has been met with cries of rage and disapproval from the radical left.

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