Trump Hosts ‘Sound of Freedom’ Screening with Jim Caviezel

Photo illustration of former President Donald J. Trump showing Sound of Freedom.
Photo illustration of former President Donald J. Trump showing Sound of Freedom.

At his Bedminster club in New Jersey, the former President, Donald Trump, is making preparations to host a special screening of the film “Sound of Freedom,” an unexpected blockbuster that brings to light the disturbing reality of child trafficking to the general public.

The film sheds light on the unimaginable profits made by child traffickers and exposes the magnitude of this industry. Scheduled for July 19, the screening will be graced by the presence of Jim Caviezel, the lead actor in the film, and Tim Ballard, the former Homeland Security agent whom Caviezel portrays.

This exclusive event, organized by the 2024 Trump campaign, welcomes both club members and supporters. “Sound of Freedom” revolves around Tim Ballard’s life-altering decision to leave his profession behind and dedicate himself to rescuing children from global human traffickers. In 2019, Trump had a prior meeting with Ballard at the White House, during which they discussed topics such as border security and the fight against child trafficking.

Surprising many, “Sound of Freedom” has achieved remarkable success, amassing an impressive $50 million at the box office since its debut. On its debut, the movie surpassed Disney’s “Indiana Jones and the Dial of Destiny” in terms of per-screen box office revenue, despite being shown on a smaller number of screens.

However, the media response to the film has been harsh, with some outlets, such as Rolling Stone, labeling it as a conspiracy theory movie. Rolling Stone’s Miles Klee even went as far as calling it a “Superhero Movie for Dads With Brainworms,” attempting to defame both the film and Caviezel. Nevertheless, Caviezel, being a true professional, refuses to let the words of a left-wing pundit from a fading publication affect him. He simply disregards these insults with grace and dignity.

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