WATCH: Biden Suffers SECOND Mishap In 24 Hours

During his speech to the Congressional Hispanic Caucus, President Biden unintentionally lauded the “Congressional Black Caucus,” a statement that raised eyebrows.

Biden emphasized his admiration for the “Congressional Black Caucus,” mistakenly addressing a different caucus altogether. This misstep occurred as he commended Sister Norma Pimental, the gala award recipient and executive director of Catholic Charities of the Rio Grande Valley.

The mishap took place at the 46th Annual Gala hosted by the Congressional Hispanic Caucus Institute. Following his speech, President Biden appeared uncertain about how to make his exit from the stage.

During his address, President Biden emphasized the accomplishments of his administration in relation to Hispanic members in his cabinet. He also highlighted the achievement of record-low Latino unemployment while simultaneously criticizing the immigration policies of the Republican party, which he’s often dubbed the “MAGA Republican Party.” These remarks came at a time when the Biden administration had been facing widespread criticism for its management of the southern border and its handling of undocumented immigrants after they crossed the border.

It’s worth noting that a majority of Hispanic voters, around 60%, expressed disapproval of his job performance, as per a June Pew Research poll.

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