Wednesday Update: Chris Harrison’s Huge ‘Bachelor’ Payout Demands, Armie Hammer Goes To Rehab For Sex Abuse Issues, Sinatra’s Friend Says He’s Not Ronan Farrow’s Father

Wikimedia Commons, by Bex Walton from London, England - Armie Hammer and Elizabeth Chambers

We’re tracking the conservative culture clash with woke Hollywood hypocrites to keep you up to date on who’s winning and who we hate. 

 Here’s what happened today:

Bachelor Buyout

Chris Harrison didn’t go quietly into the night after being canceled from “The Bachelor” for defending former contestant Rachael Kirkconnell during her racial controversy. 

ABC hoped he’d skulk away quietly after being canceled, but the franchise host of nineteen years knows all of production’s dirty secrets and was allegedly prepared to air them in a lawsuit if he didn’t get a huge $25 million payout. 

Harrison, who has been raking in $5 million a season, proved he was ready to go to battle by hiring the lawyer who represented “Bachelor” creator Mike Fleiss’ wife in their bitter divorce.  The attorney, Brian Freedman, also represented Gabrielle Union when she was let go from NBC’s “America’s Got Talent” after complaining about racism on set.

Freedman’s successful negotiation of lucrative settlements for Fleiss’ wife and Union clearly set ABC on edge. Harrison and the network reportedly reached a settlement after aggressive exit negotiations.  


Cannibal Rehab

Actor Armie Hammer, who made headlines recently for allegedly having cannibalistic sexual desires, has checked into a treatment facility to address his drug, alcohol, and sexual issues. 

In March, the “Call Me by Your Name” actor was accused of raping his mistress in 2017, who claimed he “mentally, emotionally, and sexually” abused her for the duration of their occasional four-year relationship. His wife of 10 years, Elizabeth Chambers, filed for divorce from him in July 2020.  

The actor has become unemployable after dropping out of several movie projects and being let go by his management team, after multiple women accused him of sexual abuse and a flesh-eating fetishism in January 2021. Later that month, he was investigated by the Grand Cayman police for posting that he had sex with beauty pageant winner “Miss Cayman.”

Hammer was spotted at the Grand Cayman airport bidding farewell to his two children and estranged wife Chambers on May 31, and checking into an Orlando, FL rehab center later the same day.  


Not Dad

Frank Sinatra’s friend debunked the rumor that he is the biological father of Mia Farrow’s reporter son Ronan, despite a resemblance. In Tony Oppesdisano’s recent memoir “Sinatra and Me: In the Wee Small Hours,” he shoots down the theory, which gained notoriety when Ronan said Sinatra could “possibly” be his father.

“There’s been a lot of gossip about Frank possibly being Ronan’s biological father,” Oppesdisano commented. “If Ronan had been Frank’s son, Frank would have acknowledged him.” 

He has evidence other than Sinatra’s principles, ‘Ole Blue Eyes’ was gravely ill in 1986 with diverticulitis when Ronan was conceived. 

“There are only two ways Frank could have fathered Ronan, both absurd,” he said. “Either Mia made a secret trip to shack up with Frank in his California home with [fourth wife] Barbara present, or Frank, wearing his always romantic colostomy bag, made a quick trip to Connecticut between his Atlantic City performances.” 

He thinks the physical similarities between Sinatra and Ronan aren’t that remarkable either. “People say, ‘Take a look at [Ronan]’ and I say, ‘Well, take a look at Mia at the same age,’ they look like twins. I’ve got blue eyes too and I’m not Frank’s son,” Oppesdisano quipped.  


Naked And In Pain

A contestant on Discovery’s “Naked and Afraid XL” figured out why humans need to wear clothing the hard way. Survivalist E.J. Snyder’s all-star season almost came to a premature end when he fell out of a tree into a Louisiana swamp and suffered severe lacerations to his scrotum.

Snyder proved to be a real competitor when he turned down the show’s offer to drop out and seek medical attention at a local hospital and instead allowed medics to stitch him up in the unsterile wilderness to keep competing in the 60 day-long challenge.  

He received eight stitches to his genitals and got help with survival tasks by fellow contestants during his ten-day recuperation. Miraculously, no infection developed despite the harsh conditions and he was allowed to continue filming.

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3 years ago

Naked and afraid…. I like watching the program every so often, not because of nudity, but because of the additional challenges they encounter due to nudity…. I mean nasty bugs biting in places they should not have access to is the worst…. being barefoot is also almost always an issue. I am surprised so many of them make it all the way… OH – the vegans… well, if you don’t get protein, you have issues… if they can’t get enough protein from the plants, they just continue getting weaker…. Can’t be a fussy eater if you want to maintain some strength….

3 years ago
Reply to  BrewDubbs

Dumbest show..ever!

1 year ago

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