Woke Comedy On Toxic Masculinity Tanks At Box Office

Another politically correct Hollywood film has tanked at the box office. As Breitbart reports:

Another weekend, another “woke” comedy — this time Stuber — bites the box offices dust.

Anyway, on a whopping 3050 screens, Stuber opened to just $8 million this weekend…

The production budget for this loser is around $16 million, but the promotion costs probably nudged that closer to $40 million, which means this sucker’s gunna lose a ton of money…

So how can Deadline explain away Stuber’s $8 million when a number of titles, with less promotion and smaller names, did so much better. Escape Room had no stars and no serious promotional push and still it opened in January to $18 million and eventually grossed $57 million — which is probably three times where Stuber will land.

Will Hollywood ever learn that Americans are tired of being lectured about political correctness?

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